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About the Polyclinic

The Polyclinic Drinković

The Polyclinic Drinkovic is one of the oldest private polyclinics with a tradition of excellence founded in 1988 by Prof. Ivan Drinković MD, PhD, who is today the director as well as one of the leading doctors of the Polyclinic with six other specialties in the field of medicine.

From the first year of its existence, one of the main goals of our clinic is to provide the best medical care for every patient because your health is our priority. We also strive to provide the highest quality medical services and achieve the best results using the latest novelties in medicine and medical technology as they two, along with our knowledge, represents the integral part of our business. One of the goals is to bring hope, contribute to health as well as uphold the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and personal responsibility.

The doctors and associates of the Polyclinic Drinkovic are well-known and recognized professors, medical experts with years of experience in their specialty. They are all authors of many scientific articles and researches, and are active participants both in international as well as domestic health scientific congresses with permanent professional development.

The Polyclinic Drinkovic is located in the center of Zagreb, Bogoslava Suleka Street No. 5 (400 m east of Square E. Kvaternik and 20 m from Maksimirska Street).

Founder Ivan Drinković