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“Not every tree is torn down by the first stroke.”
— Chinese proverb

About X-Ray diagnosis

In our clinic, we use the latest digital technology for X-ray (X-ray) as well as fluoroscopic examinations, which allow us to record the highest quality and highest medical standard with the least amount of x-ray exposure. RTG is a non-invasive medical diagnostic method.

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Frequently asked questions

How will you prepare for an X-Ray?
Most X-ray examinations do not require preparation. It is important to know why you are coming, or better yet if you have a referral from a doctor who referred you for an X-Ray examination. In principle, it is not necessary to schedule the appointment, but it would be good if they were announced earlier.

What should you expect during an X-Ray (RTG) examination?
Upon check-in at the point of reception, the staff will direct you to the examination location. We may ask you to remove your clothes and jewelry and put on a special robe to protect the other part of your body from radiation.

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