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MSCT / CT Computed Tomography

“Your health is your true wealth.”
— Mahatma Gandhi

About CT diagnosis

In our clinic, we use a multi-layer MSCT device to get the highest quality medical screenings with the least amount of radiation.

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Frequently asked questions

How will you prepare for a CT scan?
Prior to a CT scans, remove any metal objects around the screening (imaging) area so that they do not create artifacts and thus not create a misleading results. If contrast is required, you are kindly required to bring the fresh blood results of urea and creatinine before the examination. Inform our staff about current medications or allergies. Also, mention if you have been suffering from anything or if you have had a medical or any kind of surgery procedure. In case you possess the medical history documentation please bring it in. In case of pregnancy, which should be clearly stated, the examination cannot be carried out. Depending on the type of CT scan, for some tests you will be asked to refrain from eating or drinking for several hours prior the examination. More detailed instructions you will receive while scheduling your appointment.

What can you expect during a CT scan?
The technician will position you on the CT table and you must be calm during the recording. If contrast material is used, you may need to drink it or it may be given by the intravenous route (IV). The table will move during the scan to determine the correct starting position of the scan. Depending on the type of the CT scan, the CT device might make multiple back and forth movements.

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