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MRI of paranasal cavities

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— Arthur Schopenhauer

MRI of paranasal cavities

What is MRI of paranasal cavities?
With the help of a new MR device, we work with layers of 1 mm to obtain the most detailed representation of the sinuses with magnetic resonance imaging.

When is the MRI of the paranasal cavities used?
Paranasal cavity MR is used to diagnose a sinus infection, acute or chronic sinusitis, developmental anomalies, polyposis, and deviation of the nasal septum, tumors, and other pathological conditions of the sinuses. This method evaluates the paranasal cavities (the spaces filled with air inside the facial bones surrounding the nasal cavity), ie whether they are filled with pathological content, whether they have a thickened membrane, whether there are inflammatory diseases (sinusitis), or tumoral processes of the nasal cavity and sinus.

How to prepare for an MRI and what to expect during an MRI?

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