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Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the spine

“Health is not everything, but everything is nothing without health.”
— Arthur Schopenhauer

Spine MRI

What is Spinal Magnetic Resonance Imaging?
Magnetic resonance imaging (MR) of the head is an examination to obtain the most detailed imaging of the spine, iv. discs, ligaments, spinal canal and other structures that are clearer and more detailed by this method than other imaging methods and does not use ionizing radiation.

When is MRI Spine Used?
Spinal MR is used to diagnose and evaluate: spinal pain, degenerative changes, intervertebral disc herniation, congenital spinal or scoliosis anomalies, back pain, disc herniations, sports injuries to the spine (ligament, disc, fracture, bumps …) degenerative disorders (arthritis), the presence of tumors (primary tumors and metastases) involving the bones and joints, reduction of spinal movement, spinal injuries, complications associated with implanted surgical implants.

How to prepare for an MRI and what to expect during an MRI?

Intravenous contrast (IV) and preparation 

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