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— Marcus Tullius Cicero

About the department of nephrology

Our nephrology department offers the latest algorithms for the therapy of nephrological patients of all ages.

Nephrological processing and diagnostics:

  • Review of Nephrologist and Internist Specialist

  • Ultrasound of the kidney and urotract

  • Iv. urography and micctic cystoureterography

  • CT urotracts and urography

  • Kidney MR and urography

  • Laboratory tests

  • Counseling, giving therapies, preventive examinations, second opinion

Frequently asked questions

When do you need a nephrologist?

Nephrologists are specially trained doctors who diagnose kidney disease and diseases associated with the urinary tract.
If you have kidney problems, urinary tract infection (bladder inflammation, kidney inflammation), urinary problems (urinary incontinence, urinary pain or any other pathological condition associated with urination) pressure (hypertension), chronic kidney disease (CKD). polycystic kidney disease (PKD), acute kidney failure, chronic kidney failure, diabetic nephropathy, glomerulonephritis, hyperoxaluria, kidney stones, parenchymal diseases, pregnancy hypertension, orthostatic hypertension, hypertension after transplant, primary aldosterones, primary aldosterones, hypertension, secondary hypertension and other changes in the kidney.

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  • Prof.dr.sc. Ingrid Prkačin

    Prof.dr.sc. Ingrid Prkačin