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Breast ultrasound

What is a breast ultrasound examination?
Ultrasound is a type of imaging technique that creates real-time images of your breasts. There is no harmful radiation when inspected.

When is a breast ultrasound examination used?
Breast ultrasound diagnoses breast lumps, breast inflammation, breast cancer, breast pain, breast discharge, implants, redness of the breast, dense glandular parenchyma, estimates of cancer prevalence, assessment of breast implants and other pathological conditions.

How to prepare for breast examination?
If possible, get a breast examination between day 5 and day 10 of your menstrual cycle. Bring along your previous findings and pictures so we can compare if changes have occurred. DO NOT use deodorant, antiperspirant, powders, lotion, creams, and perfume on your chest or armpits before the examination, because if you need another examination such as Mammography or Magnetic Resonance Image, the metallic substances in those cosmetic items would be visible which could result with misinterpretation of the final diagnosis. More detailed instructions you will receive when scheduling your appointment.
It is also important to bring with you (if you have) your medical history, ie findings, and pictures related to your examination

What can you expect during an ultrasound examination?
You will lie down on the table, the doctor will put a gel on your skin. A normal ultrasound scan cannot take more than 15 minutes.

What are the risks?
There are no known risks for an ultrasound examination.

When will I get results?
The doctor will write the examination results immediately and will explain it in detail verbally.
In the case of suspected tissue changes, we offer further diagnostic methods, perform cytologic punctures and CORE biopsies to obtain the complete treatment in one place.

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